What I stand for...

My aim is to make Yellowhead – and Canada – both stronger and more resilient. To do so I will work to protect your livelihood and the wellbeing of your community. I will seek to bring practical, real world, common sense solutions to the issues our nation is facing. I will be your voice in Ottawa and I will make sure that your priorities are front and centre with our next government.

Here are some areas I intend to focus on:

Jobs & the economy

Few parts of the country have suffered as much economic turmoil as Yellowhead has over the last few years. We deserve better. To create new jobs, and to protect those that we still have, we need better market access and fair prices for our commodities. That means that we urgently need pipeline construction for our oil and gas. Kinder Morgan only goes so far. We also need our federal government to revive the Energy East project which promises huge benefits not only to Yellowhead and Alberta, but to the entire country. Improving Canada’s energy self-reliance makes good business sense.

The current lack of pipeline capacity has a knock-on effect on our forestry and agriculture sectors. Without a pipeline, oil must be shipped by rail. That in turn pushes up the price for other rail freight such as lumber and agricultural products. We also need more dedicated action on the Mountain Pine Beetle problem, and no more punitive taxation on small business. It is time for government to start treating small business like the engine – not the enemy – of the economy.

Pay down the debt and reduce the deficit

We cannot continue to spend money that we do not have. The Liberals promised $10 billion annual deficits. That was bad enough, but instead they have accumulated deficits of 50 per cent more than that. Because we have to repay this borrowing, this limits choices of future governments to make investments or to operate programs. We need to take steps immediately to reduce or eliminate unnecessary spending and instead focus our efforts on those areas that bring the maximum benefit to Canadians.

Support our municipalities

The irony of the current deficit budget approach is that the deficits were promised largely as a means to help build much-needed infrastructure. Yet half of the infrastructure funds identified in this government’s term remain unallocated to the communities that desperately require money for roads, bridges, water, sewer, and other critical local infrastructure needs.

Improve public safety

I will support mandatory minimum sentencing for repeat violent offenders. We cannot allow violent criminals to laugh in the face of Canada’s justice system. I will work to see existing judicial vacancies filled promptly in order to speed up the court process, and I will promote joint federal and provincial action on RCMP funding for Alberta’s rural detachments.

Bring back balance and reason to public debate

Our last few Members of Parliament for Yellowhead have done a great job of representing the riding’s interests while setting a respectful and dignified tone.  Unfortunately that doesn’t always hold true for Parliament as a whole.  Politics has become so strongly polarized in Canada it can be hard to see through the noise and the posturing.  We don’t survive, much less thrive, as a nation if government routinely dismisses the legitimate wants and needs of certain parts of the country. We can and must do better.

I will work to achieve all of these things if I become our next Member of Parliament. First, I need your support to win the Conservative Party nomination here in Yellowhead by voting in the upcoming Nomination contest.  Please start the process today by becoming a member of the Conservative Party of Canada: